How My Lessons Work

How I teach and generally how my lessons are structured.
I always adjust my lessons to each individual student. Not everything works the same for everyone.
As we say in English ‘ Different strokes for different folks’.
My goal is for you the student to enjoy learning and to learn fast.
I always provide as much homework as possible or as much a student desires.
Many teachers and English schools may limit your speed of learning due to particular course materials, or to keep you learning for a longer period of time (to make more money really).

I will assess your English learning requirements at the beginning, and decide where I think you will need to improve.
Your English lessons will then be centered around these goals.
If you are wanting to pass an English Certificate like IELTS or CAE then I will do proper test preparation.
I will prepare you mentally and create similar pressure so you will feel comfortable when taking the final test.
I am very flexible and always prepare different materials before lessons. This is in case you, the student may not being enjoying a particular section and we might need to go to something more interesting.

If you have any questions then please feel free to email me and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible.

45min Lessons:
45min lessons are mainly for students who want to improve their English with conversational dialogues.
Maybe you have limited time, then these lessons can be done during a lunch break.
For example I can cover new advanced vocabulary, phrasal verbs, sentence structure, pronunciation and fluency.
1.5hr Lessons:
These lessons are more for students who have a lot more to learn or need different parts of English, in more detail:
Example: 30min-Vocabulary + 30min-Reading + 30min-Grammar
Example: 30min-Writing + 30min-Listening + 30min-Speaking
Example: 30min-Reading + 30min-Use of English + 30min-Conversational